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Jack Roeser is Chairman and founder of Otto Engineering Inc. a manufacturer of electronic control and communication switches for aerospace, medical and industrial uses. Otto’s success is marked by the high precision and quality of its products. Jack has received over 50 patents in Electrical, Mechanical, Machinery and Marine products. In 1994, he ran for Governor in the Republican primary, receiving 26% of the primary vote. For over 25 years, Jack has been an advocate of education reform through the application of free market principles and of school choice. Jack's sport is sailing; he has won the Chicago - Mackinac race among many others.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Open letter to the Illinois Republican Central Committee

January 12, 2007

As the Illinois Republican Party Central Committee goes through a soul searching reappraisal of how its past conduct caused the multi-year election failures there is finally a movement to eject National Committeeman Bob Kjellander, otherwise referred to as "Individual K" by the U. S. Attorney.

Hopefully Kjellander's ejection is imminent; he should not be allowed to escape at his convenience. Nor should the present members of the Central Committee believe that his ejection will expiate all their sins. Willing participants or dupes, the members of the Central committee, past and present, bear the responsibility for the unethical actions that have caused the rifts in the body politic. See the attached publications from the Champion newsletter, August 2003 "The Purge of MacDougal and Fitzgerald Hangs over GOP," and January 1998 "Splitting the Republican Party from Within." Note the long ago dates of these articles -- this internecine assault was obviously improper long ago.

"Individual K" isn't going to apologize for the ejection of Gary MacDougal as Chairman and the installation of Topinka, but the dirty execution of his ire was done by the then members of the Central Committee who should apologize for the slander of MacDougal, the opposition to the reformer Senator Fitzgerald and the slander of Jack Ryan, in particular. The list could be longer, and indeed includes all Conservative Republicans who were insulted at every turn.

It is the duty of the present Central Committee members to accept the responsibility and clear the decks by making their explicit apology. Then healing can begin.


Jack Roeser


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