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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today, U.S. Senator Barrack Obama is enjoying an astounding boom of publicity ever since he was selected to make a speech at the Democrat National Convention last year. To hear the media tell it, particularly the Chicago Tribune, Obama delivered the greatest political speech of all time, and he’s the kind of guy we’ve got to have- a wonderful speaker, intelligent and well-spoken- perhaps a future President of the United States!

But has Mr. Obama actually done anything really noteworthy? He spent about 8 years in the Illinois Senate. Some might say it was quite an accomplishment to even get elected Senator. But those who know anything about Illinois politics realize that the Cook County Democrats selected him as their senator not because of any superior ability but as a reward for loyal service to their political machine. His sponsors were the flint-eyed Democrat pol Rahm Emmanuel and the now-indicted Tony Rezko.

Once in the Senate, what did Obama do there? Well after 8 years, there is no noticeable product. He does have the reputation, according to recent newspaper accounts, of being a pretty good poker player that spent a lot of time at Wednesday night card parties with his cronies, oddly enough some of them Republicans, including Senator Bill Brady. Brady and Obama reportedly spent a lot of time at those poker sessions and not much time working on polishing up on legislation.

Obama was also a professor at that tree full of owls down on 55th Street known as the University of Chicago. The U of C is known for people like Milton Freedman, famous for his Noble Prize in economics and for his Freedom Foundation that works very hard to bring vouchers to education so it can be operated in more of an American enterprise effort.

Compare him with Senator Peter Fitzgerald who preceded him as U.S. Senator and as a state senator. Peter Fitzgerald was a real reformer that went after corruption in the casinos. He also took on Republican rain-maker Bill Cellini, who got one of the first casinos and two big hotels without paying for them. When Peter Fitzgerald declared he would run for U.S. Senate, the cry went up in Springfield, “He’s gonna blow the whistle!” As a U.S. Senator, Fitzgerald took on the Mayor, his airport project, and gave us U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald who is cleaning house in both parties. Senator Peter Fitzgerald has a record of significant accomplishments.

From the standpoint of accomplishments, Mr. Obama is what we operational types call “an empty suit,” the result of a tremendous publicity blitz by the Chicago media but with zero to show for all his years in public service. With his fine education and his opportuntities in the Senate, he has left no mark of improvement in his state or his city. And for all his years in the Illinois legislature and his status as an educator, Mr. Obama has done nothing to improve the education opportunities for kids in Chicago neighborhoods. He has never championed an unpopular cause or taken a political risk. He’s just a slick guy that through reverse discrimination, has become the darling of the liberals and the media- a testimony to the bankruptcy of leadership in the Democrat Party. It’s no credit to him, no credit to the Tribune, and no credit to anybody else who wants to pick up this fellow to run for President of the United States. That job requires leadership and a record of effective accomplishments.


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