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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oprah Is Nuts... About Obama

As I was listening to Oprah Winfrey extol the supposed virtues of Presidential candidate Barak Obama, it struck me that even in the weird world of politics, she made less sense than George Clooney!

First, note where Oprah’s queen-bee hive is located. Harpo Studios (Oprah spelled backwards) dominates the neighborhood on West Washington Street. It adjoins the downtown area of Chicago. So geographically, she is right next to that warren of corruption with a worldwide reputation for political and criminal corruption. Is Oprah totally oblivious to what’s going on nearby?

The Daley-Democrat political machine (and the Kelly machine before, etc.) is so dominant that every alderman or senator, etc. from Chicago is a Democrat. From the garbage men of ‘Streets & San’ to the Mayors office, the rule is, “We don’t want nobody that nobody sent.”

That political machine sent Obama to the State Senate where he served for 8 years without any noticeable accomplishment. Certainly, Obama never expressed indignation about the corruption that has brought Chicago the largest FBI office in the nation and U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald who has sent legions of crooks to the “Grey Bar Hotel.”

This same machine later sent Obama to the U.S. Senate when the Republicans slated an unelectable-for-anything Alan Keyes.

Now Obama is running for President of the USA.

Oprah runs on about Obama’s fine character and his promise of ideas for the future. Oprah is in a dream world if she doesn’t get that Obama came out of the dung heap of the most corrupt city in the most corrupt State of all. Not that he’s a crook, but those insiders lifted up an empty suit.

Among the unsavory characters that helped Obama is the indicted Tony Rezko, who bought the empty lot next to the mansion Obama wanted at an elevated price that allowed Obama to buy that mansion at a bargain price.

Also, Obama’s legal firm helped client Rezko put 14 projects of homes for the poor in Obama’s district with government subsides, which resulted in unlivable dumps. Obama says nothing about them.

Rezko has a radioactive reputation that Obama either didn’t care about or he had such naïve judgment that we should all wonder what else he could fall for.

Oprah lives next to all this, but somehow it apparently hasn’t sunk in.

It would be better if Oprah were as silent as the other Harpo who learned it was better to keep his mouth shut.